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Longchamp Heirloom Oneida Silverplate Grille set for 8+ xtra tspn soup spreaders




Simeon L George H Rogers Company Silverplate XTRA Design Flatware 23 pieces


62 Pc Rogers Silver plated by Oneida Ltd Silversmiths Xtra 12 Place Settings


MANSFIELD 1932 Silverplate Oneida Carlton set for 6 +xtra teaspoons soup spoons


DEL MAR ONEIDA Rogers Silverplate grille set for 8 +xtra tspns soups 6 serv pcs


Reflection 1847 Rogers Bros Silverplate set for 6 + xtra tspns soup 7 serv


Antique Gold Plated Waltham Traveller Fob Pocket Watch Working Xtra Jewelled Mvt


Tara Reed Barton Wedding Cake Knife Xtra Large MINT


ENCHANTMENT LONDONTOWN Rogers Silverplate set for 10 +iced tea soup xtra tspns


Laurel Mist International Deep Silver Silverplate set for 10 +xtra tspns 8 serv


GRENOBLE Oneida silverplate flatware grille set 12+ xtra tspn iced tea serv case


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Poppy by Baker Manchester Sterling Silver Cheese Scoop Origingal 8


AMARYLLIS 2 piece SALAD SERVING SET all Sterling by Manchester Sterling 1951


VTG Manchester Silver Co Sterling Silver W Virginia Souvenir Spoon 102 grams


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Reflection 1847 Rogers Bros Silverplate Flatware set for 8+ fruit soup xtra tspn,  78 pcs Simeon L George H Rogers Company Xtra Silverplate Oneida Flatware,  Berkeley Square Oneida Community silverplate set for 12 +xtra tspns,  Meadowbrook Heather Ivy Rogers Oneida Silverplate grill set for 8+xtra tspn soup,  Oneida Morning Star Community Silverplate set for 8+ soup xtra tspns 10 serv pcs,  Brookwood Banbury Silverplate 1881 Rogers Oneida set for 8+ gumbo xtra salad ser,  Crown Silver Silverplate RADIANCE Luncheon set for 12 + xtra tspns + 6 serv pcs,  Ambassador 1847 Rogers Silverplate flatware grille set for 8 + xtra tspns,  Plantation Oneida Rogers Silverplate Luncheon set for 8 + xtra tspns,  Youth Holmes Edwards silver plate set for 8 +xtra tspns round soup 4 serv pcs,  Magnolia silverplate IS Rogers flatware set for 8+ xtra tspns 5 serving pcs,  First Lady Holmes Edwards IS Silver Plate set for 6 +xtra tspns soup 5 serv pcs,  

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