WMF Silverplate Flatware


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Vintage WMF Ikora Silverplate Tray with Modernist Decoration


Vintage WMF Silverplate Pot Warmer


WMF IKORA 11 1 2 oval bowl with original sticker pattern 6456


WMF Silver Cutlery 90 ER Form 2200 for 6 persons




6 Nice Vintage WMF Teaspooons 90 silver plated


6 Nice Vintage WMF Teaspooons 90 silver plated set 2


2 nice Vintage WMF 100 Silver Plated serving spoons good condition






WMF Silver Plated Jewellery Casket Surmounted With Bird Egg Nest Finial c1900




WMF NS silver plate cigarette case german




Antique German WMF Copper Silverplated Bowl


1910 Art Nouveau German WMF Geislingen Silverplate Brass Liquor Set Serving Tray


Antique German Art Nouveau Arts Crafts WMF Copper and Brass Wine Jug Pitcher


WMF STOCKHOLM Fish FORK SILVER PLATE 90 27 Kurt Mayer Fraser Laurel Germany 7


WMF Ikora German Stylish Silver Plated Deco Bowl


WMF Art Nouveau silver plate creamer and sugar on tray 1910 18 11310




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Whether you favor collecting sterling or silver plate flatware, the following tips apply.

1. Have a preference for a silver flatware: Style, Historical Period or Maker.

Picture your lifestyle and your special preferences, then come up with decisions that will be a good match. Do you expect to use your antique silver flatware regularly, or rather use items from your set for particular occasions?

There are various specialized areas of antique silver flatware collecting. Some collectors direct their attention a distinctive design pattern, while others acquire a particular maker or historical era.

Some antique sterling silverware collectors target a single category of antique silver flatware, such as: urns or jugs, while others have more diverse interests and extend into regional silver flatware, such as French or German, or pieces from specific artists, such as: Towie or Sheffield WMF.

2. Mix It Up

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns.

This collecting technique brings fantastic aesthetic charm to a table setting. This is a wonderful option particularly with difficult-to-find, or discontinued silver flatware patterns. And is often a must for assembling a set big enough for entertaining your family, friends or guests.

3. Wear or Damage

Signs of use do not always reduce the value of antique silver flatware or silver plate flatware, while signs of damage may or may not. For instance, minimal damage or defects on a rare flatware piece will not significantly lower its value. The price of a tarnished piece should be lower than retail, of course. Be careful of buying tarnished silver flatware on the internet. Pictures can be deceptive and disguise obvious wear, flaws or repair. Finding tarnished pieces at estate sales and flea markets may be an affordable option, but looking at them closely for wear remains an important skill for your collecting hobby or business.

4. Monograms

Quite a few collectors view traditional, intricate monograms as a lost form of art and historically notable. It does not detract from the desirability or significance of a silver flatware collectible when a monogram is displayed. Most pieces are, however, have more market worth without a monogram. As your knowledge increases with antique silver and sterling silver flatware, you will develop skills to detect monogram removal. Monogram removal can damage a piece of antique silver and markedly lessen its worth.

5. Authenticity

A number of collectors under estimate antique silverware pieces that have been restored, such as those with replacement knife blades. It is not uncommon for antique silverplate knife blades to show signs of wear and usage. They can easily be repaired on hollow handle knives, so some collectors opt to have them replaced with stainless steel blades. But, stainless steel was not introduced in flatware crafting until the early 1920s. This is one of those aspects of collecting that can be a matter of personal preference, but you do need to be aware that your antique silver flatware may decline in value if you modify the knife blades.

6. Repair

A silversmith ought be sourced for any repairs required for damaged pieces. Pieces can also be replated by a skilled silversmith. It can be an expensive project for common pieces, but it is fully fully worth the time and money to Put your valuable collectible in the hands of a skilled silversmith.

7. Modified Items

Be advised that these exist and learn how to check if a piece has been modified from its original condition. Common flatware pieces are sometimes altered to make them appear to be more rare and valuable pieces. For example, you may find spoons that at some point in time were cut to appear to be like ice cream forks or a sugar spoon may have been altered to resemble a sugar sifter. As your knowledge expands, look for signs of modification and avoid buying those modified pieces.

8. Forgeries

New fake pieces in favorite and rare pattern designs are available for sale often on the Internet. Examples include:, salt spoons and scarce pieces such as assorted knives, forks and spoons. Quite a few of these pieces have no craftsman's marks. Moreover, forged artist's markings in silver have been around for hundreds of years. The age of an antique silverware piece does not really indicate it's authenticity. So learn as much as you can before investing in expensive antique silver flatware.

WMF - recently bought silverplate antiques.

Pair of Edwardian Silver Plated Vases by WMF c1910,  Antique WMF Bowl EpBrass Silver Plated,  BEAUTIFUL WMF Crystal Matching Pair Salts Salt Cellars w Figural Spoons,  Art Nouveau Vase German WMF B Wrttemberg Metal Factory Figural Gnome,  Vintage German WMF Besteck Kaffeeloffel Silverplate Teaspoons 90 18 6pc Boxed,  Vintage German WMF Patent 90 Silverplate Dessert Spoons Flatware 3pc,  Vintage German WMF Besteck Cake Pastry Forks Silverplate 90 6pc Boxed,  Vintage WMF German Silverplate Napkin Ring Holder in Original Box,  Vintage WMF German Silverplate Napkin Ring Holder in Original Box,  WMF Silver Plated Jewelry Box Casket Germany Circa 1910,  WMF Fraget Silver Plated Shabbat Candlesticks Poland Ca 1890,  Vintage WMF IKORA Germany Silverplated Footed Round Tray Dish Bowl Numbered,  WMF IKORA Leaf Trinket Dish WMF Tray Footed Made in Germany O,  Antique German WMF Old Silver plate 12 egg serving tray platter 1895 1903,  WMF WMF WMF,  WMF WMF WMF WMF,  WMF Ikora Silver Plate ART DECO MODERNE Footed Fruit Bowl,  German Bruggmann Goldschmiel Herisau WMF WMFN Napkin Ring Holder No Mono in BOX,  WMF Art Nouveau Circa 1910 Silver Plated Pedestal Centre Piece Comport Tazza,  Breath Taking Pair WMF Secessionist Silver Plated Wood Candlesticks Amazing,  Art Nouveau German WMF Silverplate Spoon Fork Henckels Knife Set Ivy Leaf Berry,  SET OF 5 SARREGUEMINES PORCELAIN AND WMF COASTERS,  ANTIQUE WMF 90 PRETTY GERMAN SILVERPLATE FULL SET BOX FACHER KNIFE FORK SPOONS,  WMF SILVER PLATED SECESSIONIST ART NOUVEAU GLASS CLARET JUG DORIAN FRANK STYLE ,  WMF EP SILVER SUGAR BOWL BASKET PIERCED DECORATIVE ART DECO GLASS LINER,  WMF silver plate tea strainer and drip tray from Germany,  WMF 1284476040 Egg Boiler McMicro,  WMF ANTIQUE SILVER PLATED MINIATURE DECORATIVE SUGAR TONGS,  WMF ART NOUVEAU LIQUER JUG AND SILVER CLARET JUG WOMAN FACE DESIGN,  Art Nouveau WMF 6 Silver Plated Glass Holders Germany Ca 1900,  Art Nouveau WMF Silver Plated 5pcs Boxed Baby Set Germany Circa 1900,  WMF Fraget Pair Of Silver Candlesticks Warsaw Ca 1900,  Hope Elementary 1943 1975 silver footed bowl WMF,  Art Deco WMF silver plate centerpiece bowl,  Art Nouveau WMF Demitasse Cream and Sugar Set with Tray c1910 SALE + FREE SHIP,  Beautiful WMF Art Nouveau Jug and Tumbler,  WMF ORIVIT Art Nouveau Silver Plated Twin Bowl Basket German Jugendstil,  Vintage WMF Ikora Silver plated Candy Dish Bowl Hammered Punch Lace design,  VINTAGE 1967 WMF IKORA GERMANY 7 SILVER GLASS BUTTER DISH W BOX,  WMF 1930 hammered silver coffee pot milk pitcher sugar bowl made in Germany,  WMF SILVERPLATE SMALL FOOTED DISH WURTEMBERG METAL FACTORY GERMANY VINTAGE,  Rare WMF Germany Collectible Art Deco ALPACCA Coffee Teapot Geometric,  Pair 2 Vintage Silverplate WMF 90 Leaf Flroal Dinner Forks Antique Flatware 7,  ART NOUVEAU WMF SILVER PLATED HANDLED BOWL EARLY 20TH C,  Antique Silver Plated basket with Liner WMF,  WMF Ikora vintage silver plated candleholders Kurt Radke design,  STYLISH EDWARDIAN WMF GERMAN SILVER PLATE SERVING SPOON 1909 1914,  Vintage Wurttembergische Silverplate WMF 90 Serving Spoon Antique Flatware 8,  Antique Silver Plated Brass Copper Round WMF Serving Footed Candy Bowl Dish,  Art Nouveau WMF Pair of Pitchers,  

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