WM Rogers Spoons

One of the most easy methods for sourcing collectible antique silver plate and sterling silverware, is using the eBay website. For your browse and search convenience, this site retrieves collections of live antique silver plate and sterling silverware for sale now on the eBay marketplace.

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Find below a selection of WM Rogers Spoons.

Vintage Silver PlateServing Fork Dessert Spoon Wm Rogers MFGCo Extra Plate




Vintage WmRogers Silver Plated President Spoon John Adams


Wm Rogers Mfg Co Grill Fork + Spoon Jubilee 1953 7 1 2 Vtg Flatware Silverplate


Vtg Estate Silverplated 3pc lot Ladel serving spoons WM Rogers Royale


ARUNDEL PATTERN 1899 Wm A Rogers Large Serving SPOON


William Wm Rogers Son AA Silverplate 6 Long Sugar Spoon






Lot of 2 1940 Vtg Lg Serving Spoons Wm Rogers Son Silverplate Exquisite


Wm A Rogers A1 Plus Silverplate Tea Spoon


PAIR Arbutus 1908 Wm Rogers and Son International Large Serving Spoons




1933 Chicago Worlds Fair 2 Silver Plated Souvenir Spoons by WM A Rogers


WM Rogers Mfg Co Ice Tea +Soup Spoons Original Rogers Rose Set


Three Brazil Silver Spoon Rings plus One Wm A Rogers Oneida Ltd Ring


NEW YORK Silver Spoon New York State Spoon RARE Wm Rogers 5 7 8


Silver Spoon WM Rogers Nickel Silver Teaspoon Scrolls 6


JUBILEE Wm Rogers Silverplate Silverware 3 forks 1 salad fork 4 butter 5spoons


Wm Rogers Mfg Extra Plate Silver Plate Grand Elegance Serving Spoon




vintage lot of 4 stainless steel GRAPEFRUIT SPOONS WM Rogers MFGEC made in USA




WM A Rogers A1 Plus Oneida Meadowbrook Silverplate Serving Ladle Fork Spoon


1940 11 Tea Spoons Silverplate Avalon Pattern WM Rogers Mfg Co Original Rogers




5 Wm ROGERS IS Silverplate ORANGE BLOSSOM Oval Soup SPOONS circa 1910


12 WM Rogers Son Silverplate Tea Spoons Mayfair Pattern AA Silverplate


6 Wm ROGERS IS Silverplate ORANGE BLOSSOM Oval Soup SPOONS circa 1910


11 Wm ROGERS IS Silverplate ORANGE BLOSSOM Demitasse SPOONS circa 1910


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When you are browsing for antique silver plate or sterling tableware, look for a hallmark that will provide information about the manufacture and the origin source. This is an important way of authentication, namely, the item is genuine silver plate or sterling silver.

Patterning is another feature to consider when purchasing silver flatware. The range of patterns is vast. When you are collecting items to add to your holdings, it is not necessary to have a complete set of silverware that all stamped with the same pattern style. The key is to find items that display patterns that can match other patterns in your existing silverware collection. This means you can mix n match various patterns to make a complete collection of silver plate or sterling silver tableware. If you are fortunate or patient enough to find and collect a complete set all displaying the same pattern, then fine. But if not, then adopt the mix n match idea.

Antique silver plate and sterling flatware have a couple of unique properties. Aesthetically, silverware collectors enjoy the beauty and the durability of silver plate and sterling silver flatware. Also as an appreciating asset, investors are rewarded by the 'stored value' of antique sterling silver flatware. This kind of 'asset' benefits investors and serious collectors for that matter against inflation and currency devaluation, over time.

So, whether you are a hobbyist collector of or serious investor in rare silver plate and sterling silver antiques, there are several benefits that will be enjoyed including: aesthetics, utility and even financial rewards.

Remember, unique antique silver plate and sterling silverware represents a type of "stored value". So any addition to your antique silver holdings will both enhance the current and future value of your holding. We hope you find what you seek in the above listings. If not, use the handy search tool below to retrieve additional eBay items.

Antique silver tableware recently found items on this site.

Oneida Wm A Rogers Slotted Serving Spoon Stainless 825 Long,  2 Vintage Wm Rogers Silver plate Orange Blossom grapefruit spoons,  Vintage Wm Rogers Mfg spoon silverware Thomas Jefferson Louisiana Purchase 1803,  Bishops Restaurant Spoon Restaurant souvenir silverplate Wm A Rogers,  WM Rogers Son AA IA Handcraft Artisian Spoon Bracelet Green Accent,  1933 FIDELIS 5Soup Spoon Wm Rogers Mfg Co Silver Plate,  WM ROGERS SON INTERNATIONAL EXQUISITE SILVER PLATE OVAL SOUP SPOON 7 1 4,  Vintage Berkeley 1929 Iced Tea Spoon Silverplate By WM A Rogers Eight Available,  Wm Rogers Mfg Co 2 Silver Plate Serving Spoons Allure C 1939,  4 Wm Rogers Silverplated Grapefruit Spoons,  Wm Rogers Community Silver Plate Soup Spoons,  Wm Rogers Community Silver Plate Tea Spoons 1,  Wm Rogers Community Silver Plate Tea Spoons,  Ornate Wm Rogers Son IS 5 1 4 Baby Spoon Silverplate,  2 serving spoons Avalon International Wm Rogers,  VINTAGE ROSALIE SUGAR SPOON SILVERPLATED WM AROGERS ONEIDA 1938,  Antique WM ROGERS SON AA TWIST BUTTER KNIFE SPOON,  1898 Wm A Rogers A1 Carlton Pattern Silverware tea spoons,  Wm Rogers Son ANTIQUE Silverplate ARBUTUS c1908 CASSEROLE SPOON XC NM 1706,  Mixed Lot Of 7 WM Rogers 1938 Pickwick Silver Plate Flatware Spoons Butter Knife,  Set of 6 Silverplate Spoons Wm Rogers Son dated 1900 1940,  VINTAGE LOT OF SILVERPLATE WM ROGERS OLD COMPANY PLATE SPOONS KNIFE,  Vintage Set Of 4 Wm Rogers MEADOWBROOK 1936 Pattern Oval Place Spoon,  Wm A ROGERS SERVING FORK VANESSA AKA FRANCESCA 1965,  BEAUTIFUL OLD VINTAGE WMA ROGERS SXR SILVERPLATE SPOON 8 LONG,  Wm A Rogers Oneida Ltd La Ronnie Serving Spoon 8 1 4,  SET OF 6 BOUILLON SPOONS IN PRINCESS LADY DORIS PATTERN WM ROGERS INTERNATIONAL,  Wm Rogers Silver Plate X12 Flatware Mix Spoons Knife 8 Piece Lot,  JULIETTE 1965 SILVERPLATE SUGAR SPOON SHELL INTERNATIONAL WM ROGERS,  Wm Rogers Oneida Ltd Proposal Pttn 1954 Silverplate set of 8 place soup spoons,  Wm Rogers Oneida Ltd Proposal Pttn 1954 Silverplate set of 2 serving spoons,  WM Rogers Son Silver Plated Baby Spoon Silver Plated Baby Fork,  WM Rogers Scalloped Edge Sugar Spoon with Sugar Bowl,  SWEEP LONG HANDLE BABY SPOON BY WM ROGERS IS,  LOT OF 5 SILVER PRESIDENTIAL WM ROGERS CO SPOONS ENGRAVED DETAILED VINTAGE ORG,  LOT OF 5 SILVER PRESIDENTIAL WM ROGERS CO SPOONS ENGRAVED DETAILED VINTAGE ORG,  Wm Rogers Silver plated Birth Record Spoon and Fork Andrew March 1 1983,  Wm Rogers Silver plated Birth Record Spoon and Fork Stacy October 30 1977,  LOT OF 5 SILVER PRESIDENTIAL WM ROGERS CO SPOONS ENGRAVED DETAILED V,  Two 2 WM Rogers IS mfg co Souvenir Spoons New Jersey New York,  EL CALIFORNIA 1961 SILVERPLATE CASSEROLE SPOON SERVER INTERNATIONAL WM ROGERS,  LOT OF 7 SILVER PRESIDENTIAL WM ROGERS CO SPOONS ENGRAVED DETAILED VINTAGE ORG,  Baby REMEMBRANCE Spoon 1847 Wm Rogers Sons,  LOT OF 4 MATCHING VINTAGE WM ROGERS SILVER PLATED SPOONS,  ANTIQUE PAT FEB1913 WM Rogers AA SERVING SPOONS 6,  WM ROGERS ONEIDA SILVER PLATE JENNIFER OVAL SOUP SPOON 7 1 8,  WM ROGERS ONEIDA SILVER PLATE JENNIFER SERVING SPOON 8 1 8,  Wm Rogers Oneida Slotted Spoon,  Antique JOHN QUINCY ADAMS SILVERPLATED SPOON WM ROGERS ERIE CANAL 1825 SILVER,  LOT MISC SERVING SPOONS MISC Holmes and Edwards WM Rogers A1 Plus Community,  

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