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Vintage Pressed Glass Silverplate Water Ice Tea 14 Pitcher Decanter Ice Insert


Vtg Iridescent Glass Silverplate Handle Water Pitcher 15 Decanter Cork Stopper


TABER TIBBITS Vtg Antique TT Hand Hammered Silver Plate Water Pitcher 420 66


Antique Pairpoint Victorian silver plate insulated water pitcher two goblets




Edwardian Silver Plate Milk Jug E H Parkin Co 1914 Hallmarked


English Silver Mfg Corp Large Silverplate Pitcher 8 Tall Made in USA


ANTIQUE Coffee Pitcher 1872 Reed Barton 0363 Silver Plate Patent 1864




Old Antique Silver Plate Regency Style Teapot Set Teapot Jug Sugar Bowl


Silverplate Countess Cream Pitcher Creamer Oneida Wilcox International NEW


Vintage Ornate Glass Silverplate Pitcher Carafe Victorian Art Glass Italy


Vintage Art Deco Silver Plate Water Jug


Antique silver plate water pitcher quadruple plated Toothill McSean


Oneida Vintage Silverplate Water Pitcher With Ice Lip and Footed Georgian Scroll






Meriden Silver Plate Hammered Pitcher Vintage 95 Tall


Antique Vintage Victorian Triple Silverplate Tilt Swing Pitcher


Silverplate Water Pitcher in Castleton PlatedHollowware by International Silv


Large 10 Water Pitcher Sheffield Silver Co Mark Silverplate EPNS Thanksgiving


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Whether you prefer collecting sterling or silver plate flatware, the following tips apply.

1. Choose a silver flatware: Style, Historical Era or Artist.

Consider your way-of-life and unique tastes, then make decisions that are a good match. Do you envisage using your antique silver flatware often, or only use objects from your set for special occasions and holiday celebrations?

Antique silver flatware is a very broad collectible category including a variety of specialty areas. It depends on the style of collector you are. For instance, some collectors concentrate on a specific pattern style, while others direct their attention a certain silver flatware maker or historical period.

Some antique silverware collectors center their attention on a single genre of antique silver flatware, such as: flasks or bowels, while others have more eclectic interests and expand into regional silver flatware, such as Spanish or Mexican, or collectibles from specific makers, such as: Alvin or Birks or WM Rogers.

2. Mix-n-Match

Be adventurous with collecting a good spectrum of silverware design patterns.

This collecting plan brings wonderful aesthetic appeal to a table setting. This is a awesome option especially with difficult-to-find, or rare silver flatware patterns. And will help for putting together a set large enough for entertaining your family, friends or guests.

3. Wear or Damage

Signs of use do not necessarily lower the value of antique silverware or sterling silver flatware, while actual damage may or may not. For instance, minimal damage or defects on a rare flatware piece will not significantly lessen its value. The price of a tarnished piece should be significantly lower than retail, of course. Be cautious of buying tarnished silver flatware on the internet. Pictures can be deceptive and disguise apparent wear, flaws or repair. Finding tarnished pieces at estate sales and flea markets may be an an alternative, but looking at them closely for damage remains a key skill for your collecting hobby or business.

4. Monograms

Quite a few collectors view classic, complex monograms as a lost form of art and historically notable. It does not detract from the desirability or true worth of a silver flatware collectible when a monogram is displayed. Most pieces are, however, even more valuable without a monogram. As you expand your knowledge with antique silver and sterling silver flatware, you will develop skills to identify monogram removal. Monogram erasing can damage a piece of antique silver and considerably decrease its selling price.

5. Authenticity

Various collectors downgrade antique silverware pieces that have been updated, such as those with replacement knife blades. It is not uncommon for antique silverplate knife blades to show signs of wear and usage. They can easily be repaired on hollow handle knives, Various collectors prefer to have them refitted with stainless steel blades. However, stainless steel was not introduced in flatware manufacturing until the early 1920s. This is one of those factors of collecting that can be a matter of personal inclination, but you do need to be aware that your antique silver flatware may go down in value if you alter the knife blades.

6. Repair

Dents, or general types of damage can be repaired by a silversmith. Pieces can also be replated by a skilled silversmith. It can be an expensive project for common pieces, but it is fully fully worthwhile to Put your valuable collectible in the hands of a professional silversmith.

7. Modified Pieces

Be advised that these exist and develop skills to verify if a piece has been modified from its original state. Common flatware pieces are sometimes restored to make them appear to be more unusual and valuable pieces. For example, spoons are sometimes cut to appear to be like ice cream forks or a sugar spoon was pierced to resemble a sugar sifter. Look for signs that pieces have been modified and avoid purchasing them for your collection.

8. Fake Antique Silver Flatware

New forgeries in popular and rare pattern designs are available for sale on a regular basis online. Examples include:, salt spoons and sought after pieces such as asparagus servers. Several of these pieces have no maker's marks. Moreover, forged maker's stamps in silver have appeared for hundreds of years. The age of an antique silverware piece does not automatically indicate it's authenticity. So the lesson here is start and continue your learning and improve your skills to reduce the risk of investing in forged or fake antique silverware collectibles.

Pitchers & Jugs - Silverplated - recently found pieces.

Leonard Silver Plate Water Pitcher with ice lip,  Old Pair German WMF Silver Plate Jug Pitchers Tall 34 Cm Marked Good Condition,  Rare 1870 ELKINGTON SILVER Plate Repousse PITCHER MILK CREAMER Hand Chased Jug,  Outstanding Vintage BIRKS DINGWALL Silver Plate SYRUP Pitcher Ellis Barker,  Antique Meriden B Britannia HOT WATER Tea Pitcher Pot Silver PLate circa 1890,  RARE 1873 Antique ELKINGTON Silver Plate EWER 12 3 4 Claret Wine Pitcher Jug,  AESTHETIC JAPONESQUE SILVER PLATE CREAM JUG PITCHER MERIDEN,  Art Nouveau Silver Plate Pitcher James Tufts,  Vintage Silverplate Guernsey Milk Jug Pitcher Engraved 1948 Auntie Emma 1 PT,  Petite EPNS Silverplate antique stylish cream jug BSC Barbour Silver CoAmerican,  Reed Barton 966 Silverplate Pitcher Creamer 45,  Leonard Silver Plate 85 Tall Footed Pitcher,  Vintage Antique Silver Plate on Copper Hand Crafted Milk Jug made in England,  Vintage Gladwin Sheffield Silver Plate Ambassador Coffee Pot Hot Water Jug,  Vintage Silver Plate Footed Creamer Pitcher and Sugar Bowl with Ornate Handles,  ANTIQUE SILVER PLATE SYRUP PITCHER OCT 24 1865 LADY FINIAL ON HANDLE,  Fab late 1800s English Silverplate Engraved Syrup Pitcher Jug,  Antique Vintage Crescent Silverplate Holloware Water Pitcher w Ice Lip,  Vintage Silver Plate Tea Pot and Coffee Pot Water Jug,  ANTIQUE SILVER PLATE SUGAR BOWL AND CREAM JUG,  Beautiful Derby Silverplate Creamer Pitcher 5,  Epns Silver Platecoffee Pot Water Jug Vintage,  Vintage Silver Plate and Glass Coffee Tea Pitcher with Footed Warmer Stand,  Vintage Antique Silver Plate Hot Water Jug ART DECO ,  1883 Antique Quadruple Silverplate Water Pitcher Rodgers Silver Co Taunton Mass,  Pitcher Wine Carafe Pressed Glass Waffle Pattern Silverplate Lidded Vintage,  Large Antique Silver Plate Tea Pot Teapot Hot Water Jug Coffee Pot Tableware,  Oneida Silver Plate Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl,  Vintage William Rogers Avon Silverplate Large Water Beverage Pitcher 3817,  Victorian Silver Plate EPNS 13 Pitcher Jug Ewer Mappin Bros London HEAVY,  Vintage Water Tea Pitcher FB Rogers Paul Revere Reproduction Silverplate Silver,  Vintage Reed Barton Silverplate Silver Water Tea Pitcher Reed Barton 969,  Antique silverplate and glass water wine tall pitcher,  Vintage Oneida Silverplate Beverage Water Pitcher w Ice Lip Feet Free S H,  Ant 1800s Elkington Co Large Silver Plate Repouse 8 pitcher,  International Silver Co Georgian Court Silverplate Footed Water Pitcher 4717,  ATQ Victorian Owl Parrot Amber Glass Silver Plate Figural Syrup Creamer Pitcher,  Vintage Figural Silver Plate Fork KANGAROO on Handle Top Signed Pitcher,  VICTORIAN SILVER PLATE CLARET JUG CIRCA 1890 HOLDS 11 LITRES 1,  FB Rogers Italy Glass Silverplate Pitcher Carafe Decanter W Handle Spout,  ANTIQUE 1800s JAMES W TUFTS SILVERPLATE CREAMER PITCHER TWISTED HANDLE 3912,  Vintage Oneida Silverplate Footed Water Pitcher with Ice Guard,  Vintage Silver Plate Tea set Teapot Coffee Pot Milk Jug Sugar Bowl Sheffield,  RARE ANTIQUE CHRISTOFLE CREAMER PITCHER MILK WOOD HANDLE SILVER PLATE ORNATE,  Vintage Silverplate Pitcher Andover EPNS A1601,  Antique collectible silver plate tea settea pot sugar bowl milk jug UK,  Antique Barker Brothers 4x Piece EPNS Silver Plate Set Tea Pot Creamer Jug,  Antique Silver Plate Milk Jug,  Vintage cut glass decanter claret jug with silver plate spout handle,  ANTIQUE SILVER PLATE MOUNTED CLARET JUG,  

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