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Hamilton aka Gramercy by Tiffany Co Sauce Ladle Rare Copper Sample


Nice Gorham Sterling Silver Etruscan Gravy Ladle A8135


Old Master by Towle Sterling Silver Gravy Ladle Hollow Handle w Stainless 7 3 4


Nice Gorham Sterling Silver Etruscan Cream Ladle A8139


Fontana by Towle Sterling Silver Sauce Ladle 5 3 8


Christofle Large Monogrammed Soup Ladle Serving Spoon Silver Plated 109


Large Vintage Soup Ladle Serving Spoon Silver Plated 110




Les Cinq Fleurs by Reed Barton Sterling Silver Bouillon Ladle 8


Vintage French Lenain Sterling Silver Vintage Dessert Ladle Spoon


Birks Sterling Silver LOUIS XV Mono B Cream Ladle 5 1 4 w Gold Wash in Bowl


Extra Large Fiddle Back Ladle in Argentina Silver by John Gilbert Birmingham


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Francis I by Reed Barton Sterling Silver Ham Slice 11 5 8 HHWS Custom Made


La Marquise Reed Barton Sterling Large Berry Casserole Spoon 9


Francis I by Reed Barton Sterling Silver Cake Breaker 10 3 4 HHWS Custom


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Oneida DAMASK ROSE STERLING Gravy Ladle 5780196,  Westmorland MILBURN ROSE STERLING Gravy Ladle 775564,  Oneida VIRGINIAN STERLING Gravy Ladle 502938,  Fabulous LA VIGNE By Rogers Silverplate GRAVY SAUCE 7 LADLE,  Gorham LYRIC STERLING Gravy Ladle 180735,  Gorham LYRIC STERLING Cream Ladle 180733,  Kirk Stieff ROSE STERLING Gravy Ladle 294015,  LARGE PERUVIAN 925 STERLING SILVER CAMUSSO INGLES SPOON LADLE,  Lunt ENGLISH SHELL STERLING Gravy Ladle 325609,  International Sterling Silver Small Ladle Gadroon No Mono 1933 Cream Sauce,  STERLING silver Gorham KING ALBERT VTG Serving spoon Gravy ladle NEW Rare,  Old Master Towle Sterling Silver Cream Ladle Server Spoon No Initial 1942,  Old Master Towle Sterling Silver Gravy Ladle Server Spoon No Initial 1942,  Lunt Sterling Silver Madrigal Pattern 1962 Non Monogram Gravy Ladle Flatware,  Oneida CORONATION SILVERPLATE OLDER Gravy Ladle 490880,  Gorham BUTTERCUP STERLING LION ANCHOR G Gravy Ladle 6675121,  International ETERNALLY YOURS SILVERPLATE Gravy Ladle 246535,  Oneida HEIRESS STERLING Gravy Ladle 494750,  Pair Substantial Antique Victorian Silver Plate Sauce Ladles,  ANTIQUE 1904 MECHANICS CO STERLING SILVER ALTAIR LARGE LADLE RARE HEAVY,  Gorham CHANTILLY STERLING GORHAM Gravy Ladle 1004030,  International QUEENS LACE STERLING Hollow Handle Gravy Ladle 980081,  Antique William Wise Sterling Ladel gravy spoon,  Towle FRENCH PROVINCIAL STERLING Cream Ladle 734343,  Lunt ALEXANDRA STERLING Gravy Ladle 905848,  International OLD COLONY SILVERPLATE Soup Ladle 254097,  International WILD ROSE STERLING Gravy Ladle Shell Bowl 1236271,  ANTIQUE 1847 ROGERS BROS A1 SILVERPLATE LADLE EMBOSSED FORAL,  Antique Brass Ladle Serving Spoon Hallmarked,  Wallace Grande Baroque Sterling Silver Handled Gravy Ladle,  Alvin CHATEAU ROSE STERLING Gravy Ladle 9257,  Vintage Solid Sterling Silver Small Ladle Flatware,  1847 Rogers Bros A1 Ladle,  

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