Jelly Knife


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Vintage Alvin silver Brides bouquet 1908 large jelly knife RARE


Gorham Antique Sterling Jelly Knife 7 Virginiana 1904


Gorham Strasbourg Sterling Silver Jelly Serving Knife 7 RARE


Lotus by Gorham Sterling Silver Jelly Cake Knife 10


Richelieu by Tiffany Co Sterling Jelly Knife 6 3 4


Renaissance Jelly Knife Sterling Silver Gilt Enamel Dominick and Haff 1894


Lucerne Large Jelly Knife Wallace Sterling Silver 1893 Monogrammed


Mazarin Jelly Knife Gilt Blade Dominick Haff Sterling Silver Pat 1892


Argo Jelly Knife JB SM Knowles 1892 Sterling Silver No Monogram


Pattern Unknown by Kalo Sterling Silver Jelly Knife 8 1 2


Vintage Wm A Rogers A1 Jelly Butter Knife Pattern Malibu Circa 1934s


Holmes Edwards Small Butter Jelly Knife Pattern Danish Pricess Circa 1938s


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Bridal Bouquet by Alvin Sterling Silver Bottle Opener HH Custom Made 6


Bridal Rose by Alvin Sterling Silver Bottle Opener HH Custom Made 6


Pieces purchased over the last several days.

MANCHESTER Sterling Silver 1920 DORIC Large jelly knife pastry server,  Sterling TOWLE Jelly Knife Server VIRGINIA CARVEL 1919 DELTA PHI EPSILON,  Sterling WALLACE Jelly Server Knife GRANDE BAROQUE w patent applied for mark,  Sterling TOWLE Jelly Knife Server CHIPPENDALE no mono,  Vintage Gorham Sterling Silver English Gadroon Jelly Server Estate Flatware,  RARE STERLING INTERNATIONAL CLOETA PATTERN JELLY SLICE OR KNIFE 1905,  Whiting Sterling Louis XV 8 Jam Jelly Relish Knife Monogrammed BS,  Wallace LUCERNE STERLING Jelly Knife 987360,  Rare Sterling TOWLE Jelly Knife Server ESSEX 1890,  Old Colonial by Towle Sterling Silver Jelly Knife 7 1 2 Goldwash Estate Silver,  Sterling Jelly Knife Antique Parcel Gilt w Bright Cut Engraving 1899,  Joseph Mayer Bros Blenheim 6 Jelly Jam Preserves Spoon Sterling Silver RARE,  International MOSELLE SILVERPLATE Jelly Knife 253410,  SIMEON GEORGE ROGERS ONEIDA SILVERPLATE ORCHID PIE KNIFE JELLY SERVER VINTAGE,  CHRISTOFLE ALBIE CALISSA PATTERN 12 PIECE LOT OF 6 JELLY SPOONS,  Royal Danish Sterling Silver JELLY SPOON BUTTER KNIFE No Mono,  Colonial Shell Tablespoon Master Butter Knife Jelly Server Sterling 1941 No Mono,  Corinthian Jelly Knife Gorham Sterling Silver 1871 No Monograms,  

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