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Vintage Silver Plate Tea Set Oneida USA Tray Coffee Tea Pot Creamer Sugar Bowl


LOUIS XV 1911 Community 7 spoons


Oneida Community Coronation Dinner Forks Silverplate Flatware SilverWare Set 4


Oneida Community Coronation Sugar spoon Silverplate Flatware Silver Ware


Oneida BALLAD COUNTRY LANE Modern Knife S488677G2


1847 ROGERS BROS Ambassador KNIFE 9 1 2 SET of 5


2 International 1847 Rogers ADORATION 1930 Silverplate Serving Tablespoons


JC antique silverplated WILLIAM ROGERS 411 oval tray


2 ONEIDA silverplate 2 piece party sets 2 7 1 4 dishs serving spoon corkscrew


Grosvenor Pattern Wm Rogers Son Silverplate Flatware 29 Pieces


William Rogers Silver Plated Carafe 0937 UNUSED ORIGINAL BOX


Rosalie 45 Rogers 1881 Silver Plate serving tray with handle




Vintage silverplate flower slotted tomato spoon Community Plate


Oneida Community Rendezvous Bon Bon Server 4 1 2


Silverplate Covered 2 Piece Serving dishes AVON WM Rogers 3612


Silver Plate Pierced Bowl WM Rogers and Son Very Nice




FB Rogers 1883 Silver Plate Dome Roll Top Footed Butter Dish 273 w Tarnish Bag


Vintage FB Rogers Silverplate Gravy Boat w Warming Stand Candleholder


Set of 3 silver plate long tea spoons Wm A Rogers A1 Plus Oneida


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Whether you desire sterling or silverplate antiques, the following tips apply.

1. Consider a silver flatware: Style, Historical Era or Maker.

Reflect upon your way-of-life and your special tastes, then try to make choices that will be a good match. Do you plan to use your antique silver flatware daily, or rather use pieces from your set for specific occasions and holiday celebrations?

There are numerous specialized facets of antique silver flatware collecting. It can depend on the type of collector you are. For example, some collectors put emphasis on a certain pattern style, while others focus their interest on a certain silverware manufacture or historical era

Some antique sterling silverware collectors focus on a specific variety of antique silver flatware, such as: butter dishes or candlesticks, while others have more varied passions and extend into regional silver flatware, such as Spanish or Mexican, or pieces from specific artists, such as: Reed & Barton.

2. Mash It Up

Do not be afraid to mix and match patterns.

This collecting formula adds awesome aesthetic charm to a table setting. This is a delightful choice especially with hard-to-find, or discontinued silver flatware patterns. And will help for putting together a set big enough for entertaining your family, friends or guests.

3. Wear or Damage

Signs of use do not consequently lessen the value of antique silver flatware or silver plate flatware, while actual damage may or may not. For instance, slight damage or flaws on a rare flatware piece will not significantly reduce its value. The price of a damaged collectible should be lower than retail, of course. Be wary of buying tarnished silver flatware on the internet. Pictures can be misleading and hide obvious wear, damage or repair. Acquiring tarnished pieces at estate sales and flea markets may be an affordable option, but reviewing them closely for damage remains a fundamental skill for your collecting hobby or business.

4. Monograms

Quite a few collectors view aged, detailed monograms as a lost art form and historically significant. It does not detract from the desirability or market value of a silver flatware piece when a monogram is displayed. Most pieces are, however, more valuable without a monogram. As you expand your knowledge with antique silver and sterling silver flatware, you will develop skills to notice if the monogram has been removed. Monogram removal can damage a piece of antique silver and dramatically limit its value.

5. Authenticity

Certain collectors downgrade antique silverware pieces that have been restored, such as those with replacement knife blades. It is not uncommon for antique silverplate knife blades to show signs of wear and usage. They can easily be replaced on hollow handle knives, Various collectors favor to have them refitted with stainless steel blades. But, stainless steel was not introduced in flatware crafting until the early 1920s. This is one of those aspects of collecting that can be a matter of personal taste, but you do need to be mindful that your antique silver flatware may lessen in value if you replace the knife blades.

6. Repair

A silversmith ought be sourced for any repairs required for damaged pieces. A silversmith is also skilled for replating silver flatware pieces. The cost can be expensive for more common items, but it is clearly worth it to restore rare antique silver flatware pieces. cut to appear to be like ice cream forks or a sugar spoon may have been altered to resemble a sugar sifter. As your knowledge expands, look for signs of modification and avoid investing in those modified pieces.

8. Fake Antique Silver Flatware

New forgeries in favorite and rare patterns can be found for sale often online. In particular:, butter dishes and rare pieces such as assorted knives, forks and spoons. Quite a few of these items have no craftsman's markings. Further, forged maker's marks in silver have existed for hundreds of years. The age of an antique silverware piece does not really indicate it's genuineness. So the lesson here is start and continue your learning and improve your skills to reduce the risk of investing in forged or fake antique silverware collectibles.

Oneida / Wm. A. Rogers - recently found collectibles.

1932 Wm A Rogers Croydon Mary Lee Cocktail Seafood Fork Silver Plate Flatware,  Silverplated Old Spoon FLAIR Rogers Brothers Teaspoon Engraved PRMSW 1969,  Lido pattern by Oneida WmARogers 1938 lot of 2 Salad Forks 6 1 4 ,  Chatham pattern by Rogers Cutlery Co1923 Meat Fork 8 1 2,  Lido pattern by Oneida WmARogers 1938 Sugar Spoon 6,  Lido pattern by Oneida WmARogers 1938 lot of 3 Salad Forks 6 1 4,  INTERNATIONAL 1847 ROGERS BROS SILVERPLATE ADORATION 52 PIECE SET S 8,  1847 Rogers Bros Argosy Carving Fork Serving Flatware Silver Plate,  Lido pattern by Oneida WmARogers 1938 lot of 3 Teaspoons 6 ,  8 Rogers IS Silverplate Salad Forks 1951 Magnolia Y,  PARK LANE CHATELAINE DOWRY 1957 SILVERPLATE TEASPOON ONEIDA WM A ROGERS FLATWARE,  VINTAGE 1938 24 PIECE WM ROGERS MFG CO EXTRA PLATE IS REVELATION PATTERN,  Antique 6 Dinner Knives 4 Forks VIOLET Silverplate 1905 Rogers Floral Pattern,  Lido pattern by Oneida WmARogers 1938 lot of 3 Dinner Forks 7 1 2,  MAYFAIR 1923 SMALL TEA or 5 OCLOCK SPOON BY WM ROGERS IS,  8x Antique SIMEON L GEORGE H ROGERS Co silverplated dessert spoons,  Vtg Wm Rogers silverplate creamer and sugar setNice paneled pattern4710,  OLD COLONY 1847 ROGERS MASTER BUTTER SILVERPLATE 1201C,  1847 Rogers Silverplate Vintage Eternally Yours,  Vintage Rogers Oneida Mixed Lot of 6 Servers Different Patterns,  1847 Rogers Silverplate Vintage Eternally Yours,  Vintage Community Silver Plate Baby Cup Engraved BABY Ornate Handle,  Vintage Community Silverplate 3 piece Carving Set Avalon Pattern c1901 Engraved,  1847 Rogers Silverplate Vintage Eternally Yours,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE BAKED POTATO FORK NOT ORIGINAL 7 3 8,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE SAUCE LADLE GOLDWASHED 5 3 4,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE TEA STRAINER 8 1 8,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE DEMITASSE SPOON 4 3 8,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE DINNER FORK 7 3 8,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE ICED TEA SPOON 8,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE GRAVY LADLE GOLDWASHED 6 3 4,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE BABY FOOD PUSHER CURVED HANDLE 2 1 2,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE BERRY SPOON 8 3 4,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE GRAVY LADLE 6 3 4,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE GRAPEFRUIT SPOON PLAIN BOWL 5 7 8,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE BOUILLON SOUP SPOON 4 7 8,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE ORANGE SPOON W ORNATE BOWL 5 7 8,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE SALAD FORK SMALL 6 3 8,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE ICE CREAM SPOON 5,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE ICE CREAM FORK 5,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE HH DINNER KNIFE W SP BLUNT BLADE,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE SERVING SPOON 7 3 4,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE SAUCE LADLE 5 3 4,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE 5 OCLOCK SPOON GOLDWASHED 5,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE COLD MEAT FORK 8 1 4,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE LARGE CREAM SOUP SPOON 6 3 8,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE FH PIE SERVER 9 1 2,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE 5 OCLOCK SPOON 5,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE ICE CREAM SPOON LIGHT GOLDWASHED 5,  LA VIGNE BY 1881 ROGERS PLATE SILVERPLATE PLACE SOUP SPOON 6 1 8,  

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