This website, 'antiquesilver' is a member of the 'looknooks' portfolio of websites. Each site in the portfolio, including 'antiquesilver' share a similar purpose and aim to deliver certain benefits to each visitor.

As an official partner with Ebay, the 'antiquesilver' website aims to offer the visitor a safe and rewarding research and buy experience.

The site's design features benefit the visit in a couple of key ways. The navigation menu, for example, is presented clearly and focuses on the silverplate and sterling silver niches within the massive Ebay list.

Further, the 'antiquesilver' site, offers the visitor a custom search box. This powerful feature allows the visitor to find very unique and specific product items. And of particular value here is the ability of the search code to keep and display a record of other visitor searches for the benefit of new visitors. This is a fun indicator as to what antique silver product items are popular in the marketplace and among collectors.